Starry sky

Looking up at the stars can puts things into perspective. Do those distant balls of gas, peepholes into heaven or great kings of the past really care that your report was late or that you’ve already spent too much this month? Did these fiery balls of death and solar system eaters care that our ancestors played dot-to-dot with them, just to find their way home? Of course not, but humans are dreamers and will try to find meaning in the night sky, whether it’s the nature of the universe or ways to uphold their own mythologies. It’s like a canvas painted by imagination, practicality and science, and I for one want to explore it further.

To this end, the Constellation Compendium is my (sadly Earthbound) quest to explore the constellations: what they are, how they were assigned, what stories they tell, and which parts of the universe they include.

I’m a novice at stargazing and the cosmos, but rest assured I’ll be doing more than glancing out of the window and making notes. Every post will be assiduously researched with quoted sources, and in addition to general feedback, any questions, comments or suggestions for improvement will be most welcome.

Thanks for joining me on my trek through the stars, and I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do.

What do you think?

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